Don't Overlook These Signs Your Septic Tank May Need Servicing

With regular maintenance and proper care, your home's septic tank may last for decades without needing any type of repair or servicing. However, these tanks and the pipes and lines to which they're connected can break down over time, and you may need to call a repairperson as soon as possible. While some signs of needed repair may be obvious, others may be overlooked by homeowners simply because they don't associate certain problems with the septic system. Note a few of those signs here so you can ensure you keep your septic tank in good repair.

1. Green vegetation

The bacteria and enzymes that build up in a septic tank can provide a natural fertilizer for vegetation, and when a septic tank has a leak, certain areas of your yard may seem greener than others. If you notice that the grass around your septic tank or vegetation near the tank are all greener and even healthier than the rest of your yard, don't assume that you should just ignore the problem since it seems to be good for your lawn. This added bacteria and other pollutants are then also in the groundwater and soil and they cannot all be absorbed by grass and landscaping. If you notice a distinct difference in the vegetation or grass on your lawn, have your septic system checked.

2. All the drains and toilets run slowly

If there is just one drain that moves slowly, you may have a clog that needs addressing in that pipe alone. However, when all the drains and toilets in your home move slowly as the water drains away, this can be a sign that the septic system itself is backed up or the tank is too full and needs emptying.

3. Strong odors

Homeowners commonly think that a septic tank system will just have a bad odor all the time, but remember that your tank should be completely sealed so that nothing leaks out and in turn, there should be no odors that you can notice around the tank. If you do notice any type of strong odors and especially if the odors are so strong that you can smell them far from the tank, there is a good chance that the tank or pipes have sprung a leak. If the odors are coming up the drains or from the toilet, there is probably a clog that is not allowing the pipes to drain completely. 

If you notice any of these signs, contact companies like Earthsafe Services Pty Ltd to ensure the septic tank is repaired and in working order.