Three Signs You May Need an Alternative Septic Tank System

If your home is not connected to a main sewer line, septic tanks have been the traditional way to deal with waste. Now, however, there is a new option—a sewage treatment plant.

These small units rely on aerobic treatment methods. Unfortunately, however, they require more maintenance than traditional septic tanks, and they need electricity to run. However, in some cases, they are simply the best option. Here are three signs you need an aerobic treatment unit, aka a sewage treatment plant.

1. Your water table is too high.

After waste passes through a conventional septic tank, it is released into the soil surrounding the tank. This is referred to as the waste field, and while there, the soil cleans and purifies liquid that has been expelled from your septic tank.

Unfortunately, however, if your water table is too high, the waste may reach it before it's fully purified, which can pollute the groundwater. If you are building a new home, talk with a septic tank installer about the height of the water table in your area. If the water table is unusually high, you need to opt for a sewage treatment plant. These aerobic units clean the waste thoroughly before discharging any of it.  

2. You live close to streams, lakes or other fresh bodies of water.

In addition to the water table beneath your property, you also have to think about the water sources near your property. If you have lots of fresh water close to your home, the waste from the septic tank may leach into it before it's purified.

In contrast, the effluent from a sewage treatment plant can be released directly into a stream with no issues as long as the unit has a chlorinator attached to it.

3. Your current septic tank is failing.

Septic tanks are designed to run without any regular maintenance, and in most cases, you only need to get them pumped if they are clogged for some reason. For example, if the composition of your soil isn't allowing the waste to filtrate it, the soil can clump. This makes it impossible for waste to travel out of the septic tank, and as a result it can become overfilled.

If you are constantly having to get your septic tank serviced or if your drain field is getting clogged on a regular basis, it may be time to think about switching to a sewage treatment plant. If you're thinking about alternatives to septic tanks, contact a company like Biosystems 2000 for more information.