How to Hire the Perfect Septic Tank Pump Out Company

Septic tanks require pump outs when the solid waste in the tank reaches a certain level relative to the total storage capacity of the tank. It is advised that the solid waste in the septic tank should be pumped out when it is about 30% to 50% of the total storage capacity of the tank. Therefore, it is advised that you hire pump-out services every three to five years. However, if you have more people using the septic tank, chances are you will need to hire pump out services more frequently than most people. When it is time to pump the solid waste out, you need to hire a certified professional to carry it out. Here is a guide on how to know that the pump out contractor you intend to retain is qualified for the job.

Qualification and professionalism

This is the first thing you should look at when hiring a contractor to provide pump-out services. Make sure that they have been giving pump-out services for the longest time possible. This way, you will be sure that they are experienced. Find out whether they are appropriately licenced to haul wastewater, and whether their mode of disposal is approved and environment-friendly. Ensure that they have insurance such as general liability as well as workers' compensation insurance so that if accidents occur while they are working on your septic tank, you are shielded from unnecessary liability and expenses such as attorney fees. If need be, especially if you are not convinced, you can request that they provide you with references which you may contact.

The nature of services

Trucks used to pump and haul the waste from your tank are very large and heavy and could destroy your lawn or driveway if driven on them. Find out if they have hoses long enough to reach the tank without driving through your lawn or driveway. Also, find out from where the pump out will be done—the tank lid, the utility hole, or the clean out? A company that provides complementary services such as replacing your lid if it gets broken, cleaning the tank after pump out, checking for cracks or any other problem is the best.


Find a contractor whose cost you can afford. Take the initiative and find out what exactly it is that you are being charged for other than the actual pumping out. Some will be affordable when it comes to the actual pump out but eventually become expensive when they charge other services such as locating the tank, hauling the waste and disposing of it. Settle for a contractor whose overall price is not unreasonable.

Contact a business that provides septic tank pump-out services for more information.